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Bailey Jeffs in it’s various forms...

.est 2017

Jeffs started writing songs in 2017, when he decided to have a go at making music as an artist. 12 months went by and he released his debut ep in March of 2018.
LUUNG has since released a handful of ep’s, all of which are fully self produced.
LUUNG has featured on a number of tracks with artist such as Pines, CLN and MarMar.
The sound of the LUUNG project could be described as emotional indie music, blending the worlds of electronic music production and alternative folk music.
LUUNG has been on hiatus for the last couple years whilst Jeffs focuses primarily on August Maybe.
August Maybe
.est 2022

In July of 2022 Jeffs was feeling a bit stuck with the music he was making for LUUNG, so he decided to try and narrow his approach within the electronic music genre. A lot of the music he was making was leaning in this direction, however it wasn’t the right direction for LUUNG. So a new artist project was born.

The orginial goal was to pull together a release super quick and put it out in August... Maybe.

This was the origin of the name August Maybe. This project is all about having fun making music and foregoing the limitations he had previously set for himself. August Maybe will release its debut ep ‘AM.’ on the 1st of August 2024. An intricate bedroom electronic record featuring 7 tracks of gritty dance beats.

If you have interest in seeing my work as a film composer/sound designer, feel free to check this link out:

film/sound design portfolio

or if you’d like to listen to some songs i’ve produced or written with other people click here:

production portfolio